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Author: Ludovic Bellière
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Fw: Ignorant question: What is the point of removing systemd while keeping elogind?
On Mon, 08 Jan 2024, Ottavio Caruso via Dng wrote:

>In any case, my point was: why keeping stubs for SystemD if we don't
>like SystemD?

There is fundamentally nothing wrong with the concept behind systemd. There is a
fundamental issue with how the project is put together. When you install a
distro with a systemd init system, you actually have the systemd "galaxy": a
bunch of intertwined daemons that cannot be dissociated from systemd.

elogind, in itself, is a decent piece of software. Does what it needs to do,
doesn't quite break, doesn't complain, relatively easy to troubleshoot (never
had to personally). The way elogind works on devuan is the way it should work
everywhere, except on systemd OS.

The better question you should ask, though, is what does elogind can do for /you/?