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Author: Kilian Hart
To: Hendrik Boom
CC: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] HDMI video problems

for what is worth, and a reply a bit late,
your post made me fix my HDMI output last night,

I always used jack, and pulseaudio is configured with jack sink only.

For having the HDMI output I did launch the tool alsa_out with the HDMI specific
sound device (/proc/asound/cards)

And I run jack_mixer (facultative)

On qjackctl I specify a patchbay which connects all what is necessary,
from jack_mixer to system output,
from alsa_out to jack_mixer, facultative

Kilian "eldre8"

Le 2023/03/04 à 19:21, Hendrik Boom écrit:
> Currently running chimaera and lxqt.
> Trying to connect streaming video from my browser to my television.
> I've found a mechanism that works somewhat -- but only somewhat.
> I found an lxqt confifiration panel
>     Preferences->Lxqt setting->Monitor settings
> where I can make it recognise the HDMI cable, and annex the TV screen aside my regular laptop screen.
> Then I can open a browser, log into Crunchyroll, watch a video, and move teh browser window aside to the TV.

> That works -- somewhat.
> There are problems.
> First of all, the audio isn't sent down the HDMI cable to the TV. So I still have to listen on the laptop speakers.
> Second, after the show I still have the TV attached to my virtual screen. When I start programming, I frequently find my windows popping up on the TV instead of on front of me. I have to drag the over to have them in fromt of me. This behavious continues even after I have disconnected the HDMI cable. When a window gets opened, it often ends up on the now invisible part of the extended screen. I have to reach out with my mouse by dead reckoning, click on it while holding the alt key down, and drag it back from the unseen land. It sometimes takes several tries befor I manage to fish it out.
> So ... Any advice?
> Maybe I could somehow get lxqt to add the TV as another workspace?
> Maybe there's a way to tell lzqt to forget the sidescreen?
> Maybe there's a way to send the system audio through the HDMI cable?
> Maybe there's a browser that wil do thie?
> Maybe I need a different desktop system altogether?
> maybe there's an easy technique I have no knowledge of?
> (by the way -- the laptop does not have a currently working audio output socket.)
> -- hendrik
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