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Author: Mark Hindley
To: devuan-dev, devuan-announce, dng
Subject: [devuan-dev] And a big thank you to ASCII
Devuan Friends,

The time has come to archive Devuan's second release, ASCII, and it will
shortly[1] be removed from our mirrors. The Debian suite on which ASCII is
based, stretch, has retired[2] and moved to archive.debian.org[3].

If you are still using ASCII, now is a great time to upgrade to more recent
Devuan releases[4].

If there is a reason you can't upgrade and you absolutely have to continue to
use ASCII without support, bugfixes or security updates, you will need to change
your existing sources.list to:-

deb http://archive.devuan.org/merged ascii main non-free contrib

Note that ascii-security and ascii-proposed-updates suites are also available on
archive.devuan.org, but no new updates or fixes will be added.

Best wishes

Mark Hindley
GPG: 506C 15A4 2B0A F5A0 A854 23EE D28A 45BF 3287 D649

[1] Probably within a month

[2] https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2023/02/msg00004.html

[3] https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2023/03/msg00006.html

[4] https://www.devuan.org/os/releases