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Author: terryc
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] HDMI video problems
On Sat, 4 Mar 2023 13:21:08 -0500
Hendrik Boom <hendrik@???> wrote:

> Currently running chimaera and lxqt.
> Trying to connect streaming video from my browser to my television.
> I've found a mechanism that works somewhat -- but only somewhat.
> I found an lxqt confifiration panel
>     Preferences->Lxqt setting->Monitor settings
> where I can make it recognise the HDMI cable, and annex the TV screen
> aside my regular laptop screen. Then I can open a browser, log into
> Crunchyroll, watch a video, and move teh browser window aside to the
> TV.

> That works -- somewhat.
> There are problems.
> First of all, the audio isn't sent down the HDMI cable to the TV. So
> I still have to listen on the laptop speakers.

Basically sound doesn't follow focus.
Maybe using VLC? It seems to list every sound 'device' as in
aplayl -L.

The manual alsa method is
cat /proc/asound/cards and edit either /etc/around.conf
e.g.    defaults.pcm.card 1
        defaults.ctl.card       1
or edit /home/users/.asoundrc
     pcm.card0 {
          type hw
          card 1
     ctl.card0 {
          type hw
          card 1

The solution is listed on the ether is an few places if you invoke the
correct webfu spell. Apparrently it was a common problem when GPU cards
started to include sound ports for virtual sound devices. I fell foul
of it when i upgraded to 4k monitors via DPI.

> Second, after the show I still have the TV attached to my virtual
> screen. When I start programming, I frequently find my windows
> popping up on the TV instead of on front of me. I have to drag the
> over to have them in fromt of me. This behavious continues even
> after I have disconnected the HDMI cable. When a window gets opened,
> it often ends up on the now invisible part of the extended screen. I
> have to reach out with my mouse by dead reckoning, click on it while
> holding the alt key down, and drag it back from the unseen land. It
> sometimes takes several tries befor I manage to fish it out.
> So ... Any advice?

Maybe use xrandr go turn off the TV screen?
It sounds like xrandr is making the TV screen the primary screen when
it is added.
Or set your laptop screen as primary monitor under
Applications->Settings-> Display menu.
I'm using xfce but I guess you have similar.

It can be fiddly when yo have multiple screens and you might have to
run through all the combos of video outlet sockets and which one is
marked primary.
Under xfce, some programs always pop windows on outlet 1 and others pop
windows on the primary or currently selected screen.