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Author: onefang
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] HDMI video problems
On 2023-03-04 13:21:08, Hendrik Boom wrote:
> Currently running chimaera and lxqt.
> Trying to connect streaming video from my browser to my television.
> I've found a mechanism that works somewhat -- but only somewhat.
> I found an lxqt confifiration panel
>     Preferences->Lxqt setting->Monitor settings
> where I can make it recognise the HDMI cable, and annex the TV screen aside my regular laptop screen.
> Then I can open a browser, log into Crunchyroll, watch a video, and move teh browser window aside to the TV.

> That works -- somewhat.
> There are problems.
> First of all, the audio isn't sent down the HDMI cable to the TV. So I still have to listen on the laptop speakers.

On my desktop the graphics card has six HDMI audio output devices. No
idea why, there's only two HDMI video and two Display Port output
devices. My motherboard has two audio devices, and I use an external USB
audio device.

Main ALSA audio is routed to the rear motherboard sockets. I use JACK
for all the others, including one of the HDMI audio outputs to get sound
routed to my main moniter, which is the only monitor with speakers. It has
crap speakers, so I only use it as an oven timer. I use my extrenal USB
for music production.

Though you didn't say if you are using ALSA, or Pulse-audio, or Pipewire,
but in general you'll have to select the HDMI audio output to got audio
routed to it.

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