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Author: Ken Dibble
To: dng
Subject: [DNG] Security Policies
Sorry for the overly general subject.

I really couldn't quickly establish a subject that would encompass my

The Event:

I don't usually do graphics stuff (no talent), but occassionally I am
called upon by family

to help them.  In this instance it was a child's drawing and writing
samples being sent to a

specialized physician.  For some reason they would not accept anything
other than pdf

and the source material was most certainly not a pdf.

The first thought was the 'convert' tool from imagemagick.  It would not
allow me to change

the jpegs to pdf.   The reason given was imagemagick security policy.

For Reference here is the url:

I do not know who makes decisions.  I do know that having a bunch of people

running around making conflicting decisions is a bad idea.

Linux already has the often hated AppArmor.  But there is no entry for

in /etc/apparmor.d/.  So this was not a case of 'whomever' trying to

or improve something.  It was either a case of not knowing of
alternatives, being

to lazy or ignorant to try to find them, or just saying 'my way'.

If the way forward is for everyone to create their own policies,
formats, file locations, etc., then my opinion is that we may as well
all pack up our stuff and go to RedHat, Ubuntu, or Microsoft.

I have no idea how widespread this 'do things my way and ignore
everybody else' attitude and

implementation is.  My only hope is that someone of some influence
grinds it to a halt before

it spreads.