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Author: Jonathan Drews
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Security Policies
On Thu, Mar 23, 2023 at 06:00:13PM -0400, Ken Dibble wrote:
> Sorry for the overly general subject.
> I really couldn't quickly establish a subject that would encompass my
> thoughts.
> The Event:
> I don't usually do graphics stuff (no talent), but occassionally I am called
> upon by family
> to help them.?? In this instance it was a child's drawing and writing
> samples being sent to a
> specialized physician.?? For some reason they would not accept anything
> other than pdf
> and the source material was most certainly not a pdf.
> The first thought was the 'convert' tool from imagemagick.?? It would not
> allow me to change
> the jpegs to pdf.???? The reason given was imagemagick security policy.

Use GraphiccsMagick. I tried convert with my GrapicsMagick installed
on Devuan and converted *.jpeg to *.pdf with no problems.

Kind regards,