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Author: onefang
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] FYI closed source firmware
On 2023-02-23 10:23:08, altoid via Dng wrote:
> On 23 Feb 2023 at 12:41, g4sra via Dng wrote:
> > If you don't see an issue with this....
> I'd say that a great many (say maybe 95% or more?) of desktop/laptop
> users either don't care, don't think it is something relevant or at
> the very best, that it is something that may cause worry -if and
> when- it becomes a *problem*.
> And even then, don't actually think such a *problem* would
> significantly affect them.
> Others (like me) do see an issue with the general direction this is
> taking, one enough to worry about.
> Now.
> Intel and AMD have always been and will *always* be locked into a
> strong mob like (WinTel anyone) relationship with Microsoft,
> basically because *that* is where the money (among other things
> money/power related) actually is for *both* of them.
> That will *not* change and Intel/AMD processors and chipsets with
> closed source BIOS/chipsets and such will in a few year's time be the
> only MS approved hardware.
> Something that *will* have consequences.
> Things look rather grim.

I built my super desktop about two years ago using a Ryzen Threadripper,
which predates this new Microsoft thing. I expect it should last another
eight years. By that time maybe I can build a RISC-V super desktop?

Well probably by that time something as powerful might be an average

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