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Author: g4sra
To: dng@lists.dyne.org
Subject: Re: [DNG] FYI closed source firmware
The Microsoft Proton Processor (designed by Microsoft, programmed by Microsoft) being embedded into AMD APU\CPU's runs whatever Microsoft decide to put in that closed source firmware blob.

For example...

It already uniquely identifies the CPU (the system, and YOU) to Microsoft.
It could easily be used to enforce UEFI boot and\or SystemD only.

If you don't see an issue with this....

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On Thursday, February 23rd, 2023 at 11:45, jeremy ardley via Dng <dng@???> wrote:

> On a slightly broader search Pluton is an architecture that's moved the Trusted Platform Module onto the CPU silicon rather than have it on the board or elsewhere

> If you can handle the current TPM motherboards then Pluton doesn't seem to be a problem.

> On 23/2/23 19:39, altoid via Dng wrote:

> > "Ryzen Microsoft Pluton Processor"


> Jeremy