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Author: Mark Rousell
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] A warning to EU mirror operators
On 06/02/2023 19:46, The Original Linux Fan via Dng wrote:
> Do you by any chance have a link so that I can take
> a look at it myself?  I rarely travel abroad, but just
> in case I decide to take an android device somewhere,
> it might be prudent for myself and others to take a
> look.

A link to the planned Cyber Resilience Act? It's being very widely
reported indeed in terms of its interpretation/implementation-dependent
potential threat to open source but here's a recent article to get you
started: FOSS could be an unintended victim of EU security crusade • The
Register <https://www.theregister.com/2023/01/30/opinion_eu_foss_security/>

As for crossing customs borders with an Android device (or any
electronic device for that matter, open source or not), the Cyber
Resilience Act is certainly not the issue. In truth, customs agencies in
every country already have the effective power they desire to do
anything they want at all: Inspection, seizure, or invasion of privacy.

Mark Rousell