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Author: Haines Brown
To: dng
Subject: [DNG] mutt CR problem
This not a big problem but annoying. I'm running devuan testing, and
thus nano 5.9-1 and mutt 2.2.9

When I copy and paste text to and from nano there is no problem with
carriage returns.

However, I use nano as editor in mutt. When I copy multi-line text
from nano into a mutt mmessage, a yellow alert pops up at the botton
of the message window:

"Pasting two control characters. Continue?"

I established that these control characters are the end of line
sign. This did not occur until I upgraded to testing. My mutt
configuration remains the same as beafore.

Commenting muttrc does not stop the alert. It is annoying because it
interrupts the flow of work.

I suspect the problem is a new default behavior of the testing
varsion of mutt.


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