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Author: jeremy ardley
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] A warning to EU mirror operators

On 7/2/23 03:46, The Original Linux Fan via Dng wrote:
> Do you by any chance have a link so that I can take
> a look at it myself?  I rarely travel abroad, but just
> in case I decide to take an android device somewhere,
> it might be prudent for myself and others to take a
> look.

Crossing any international border makes you at risk of having your
electronic devices searched and/or confiscated and you charged with
some  offense.

The point where you get off the plane but haven't yet passed customs
leaves you in a legal limbo where many of the the countries laws and
protections don't apply, or not as usual.

Customs officers will search your bags and electronic devices for
anything banned under the customs laws and/or anything banned by the
host country laws. They will also do identity checks on you to see if
you are known in some way that would merit extra attention.

If you are at all worried, don't carry any electronic devices, or carry
an entry level supermarket phone with no personal data on it at all -
though they will also search your SIM card, so a clean SIM card bought
at the same time as the cheap phone is handy.

An encrypted drive or one with encrypted files could see you spending
extended time in a holding cell and potentially charged if you can't
provide all the unlock keys.

Any Apple device is a worst-case-scenario. They are encrypted now and
have very limited opportunity to enter a valid decrypt key before they
self erase.