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Author: onefang
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] A warning to EU mirror operators
On 2023-02-02 18:14:31, john faulk via Dng wrote:
>    To all of our partners in the EU:

>    Effective at some point this year, a law will take effect that will,
>    depending on how extreme the interpretation is, ban Linux from the EU. We
>    have a list of known mirrors that will be affected. All operators in this
>    region are advised to begin the process of creating emergency backups of
>    their servers.

>    List of Mirrors Affected by this law:
>    sledjhamr.org
>    mirror.koddos.net
>    mirror.vpgrp.io
>    ftp.fau.de
>    mirror.ungleich.ch
>    dist-mirror.fem.tu-ilmenau.de
>    devuan.packet-gain.de
>    mirror.checkdomain.de
>    mirrors.dotsrc.org
>    devuan.bio.lmu.de
>    mirror.stinpriza.org
>    quantum-mirror.hu
>    repo.ifca.es
>    devuan.keff.org
>    devuan.krypto-it.pl
>    devuan.sedf.de

>    Articles related to the law can be found here:
>    https://mullvad.net/en/blog/2023/2/1/eu-chat-control-law-will-ban-open-source-operating-systems/
>    https://gigazine.net/gsc_news/en/20230202-eu-chat-control-law-os/

>    Even if it doesn't get as bad as I suspect, this is still a wake-up call
>    for all of us.

If this is true, why hasn't it hit the other tech news sites I watch?
They would be all over this.

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