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Author: Steve Litt
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] A warning to EU mirror operators
john faulk via Dng said on Thu, 2 Feb 2023 18:14:31 -0600

>To all of our partners in the EU:
>Effective at some point this year, a law will take effect that will,
>depending on how extreme the interpretation is, ban Linux from the EU.

>Articles related to the law can be found here:

I think these are good laws because they protect children. I think we
should take further steps:

* Remove all walls from every house so child abuse cannot take place

* Ban salt because a child might eat a kilogram of it and die.

* All baby sitters must be at least 21 and be licensed and bonded.

* Ban all motorized vehicles and any vehicle over 500 pounds because
they're likely to run over a child.

* Ban electricity coming into houses because many children know how to
remove electrical outlet wall plates and might be fatally shocked.

* Change European electricity from 240 volts to 12 volts to prevent

* Ban laundry driers because a child might get stuffed in one by
his/her older sibling.

And, because we claim to be so pro-child, I have one more:

* All EU public vehicles bought after 1/1/2024 must be either electric
or small-engine hybrid. After 1/1/28 the same should be true of
private vehicles, whether for EU or export. Coal and oil electric
generation must be phased out within a decade. Spend trillions
to quickly get practical energy from Fusion, so we can stop using
Fission. Charge tariffs on goods and services from any nation that
does not do these things. We do these things so today's children don't
live in a world of constant natural disasters, starvation, and water
wars when they're our age. But nooooo, let's just pass a "look at me
I'm working for the children" anti-privacy law. Dis-gusting.


Steve Litt
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