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Author: The Original Linux Fan
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] A warning to EU mirror operators
In my humble opinion, that is absurd.  Or have the
free countries there now gone draconian?  Talk
about shooting yourself in the foot.

I'd have to see the law myself, before I'd believe it.

(orig) Linuxfan

On 2/5/23 17:56, onefang wrote:
> On 2023-02-02 18:14:31, john faulk via Dng wrote:
>>     To all of our partners in the EU:

>>     Effective at some point this year, a law will take effect that will,
>>     depending on how extreme the interpretation is, ban Linux from the EU. We
>>     have a list of known mirrors that will be affected. All operators in this
>>     region are advised to begin the process of creating emergency backups of
>>     their servers.

>>     List of Mirrors Affected by this law:
>>     sledjhamr.org
>>     mirror.koddos.net
>>     mirror.vpgrp.io
>>     ftp.fau.de
>>     mirror.ungleich.ch
>>     dist-mirror.fem.tu-ilmenau.de
>>     devuan.packet-gain.de
>>     mirror.checkdomain.de
>>     mirrors.dotsrc.org
>>     devuan.bio.lmu.de
>>     mirror.stinpriza.org
>>     quantum-mirror.hu
>>     repo.ifca.es
>>     devuan.keff.org
>>     devuan.krypto-it.pl
>>     devuan.sedf.de

>>     Articles related to the law can be found here:
>>     https://mullvad.net/en/blog/2023/2/1/eu-chat-control-law-will-ban-open-source-operating-systems/
>>     https://gigazine.net/gsc_news/en/20230202-eu-chat-control-law-os/

>>     Even if it doesn't get as bad as I suspect, this is still a wake-up call
>>     for all of us.
> If this is true, why hasn't it hit the other tech news sites I watch?
> They would be all over this.