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Author: dng@d404.nl
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] trying to do a chimera netinstall
On 10-01-2023 20:46, o1bigtenor via Dng wrote:
> Am running an instance of SystemRescue-9.0 on the m/c at present.
> gparted has a   /dev/mmcblk0   (58,24 GiB)
> along with        /dev/sda    (29.81 GiB)

> wondering - - - - so I perhaps delete partitions that do not contain the
> EFI part of things?
> (I dunno - - - seems like that might be sledge hammer surgery but it should
> get access to the sdd - - - yes?)
> Suggestions
> (TIA)

That mmcblk0 is your "ssd" and apparently not a bootable device in
CSM/UEFI.  /dev/sda is most likely your usb pendrive. You could try to
make a EFI partition on /dev/mmcblk0 which will be /dev/mmcblk0p1 and a
/ root partition /dev/mmcblk0p2. Chroot into it and do a grub-update.

According to the specification there is room for a M.2 2242 SSD but not
build in right now.

Another option: a small sized usb pendrive as bootable drive and you /
partition on /dev/mmcbl0p1. That is what i have done with a chromebook,
you lose a free usbport and the pendrive should be physical small to
avoid damage.