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Author: Antoine
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Devuan with usr merge?
On Saturday, 13 November at 22:31, Didier Kryn wrote:
>Le 13/11/2021 à 20:46, Steve Litt a écrit :

>> Hi Karl,
>> I think it's more than just a little time. Every time the kernel
>> updates, you need to get the new kernel's source, recompile, and
>> replace the new kernel.
>> It *is* an interesting idea though.
>    AFAIR you can install a Debian/Devuan system without installing a
>kernel package. I did it still a decade ago on Powerpc-based SBCs: I
>compiled my own kernel and built my own initramfs and it prepared the
>system in a way that mimicked what Debian was expecting to find after
>the pivot-root. I did it with a custom initramfs because the boards were
>diskless but you can always do all this initial preparation from a
>dedicated partition if you prefer. The thing is after that you must
>switch to Debian proper by a pivot-root or switch-root.


For what it's worth, I can confirm this : I ran a BeagleBoneBlack build of
Devuan for a while and was rather surprised one day to discover that it had
no kernel package installed at all. The kernel and initramfs where packed
into a u-boot file and once loaded, the OS didn't care.

- Antoine

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