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Author: aitor
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] snetaid debs...

On 16/10/21 12:35, al3xu5 wrote:
>> On 16/10/21 12:14, al3xu5 wrote:
>>> Hi Aitor
>>> As you know Wicd is no longer available in Bullseye / Chimaera.
>>> I would like to upgrade to Chimaera eliminating Wicd (regardless of
>>> whether it is not available), and I would like to use snetaid, which
>>> seems to me to be a good alternative.
>>> So I wondered if there are news on development, even about the GTK
>>> interface.
>>> Thanks
>>> Reegrads
>>> al3xu5
>> I've read the warning about the missing wicd in Chimaera and i want to
>> notice you that i've been working a lot on simple-netaid during these
>> last days. There will be a lot of new features, being the most important
>> of them the removal of the suid binary on the one hand, and the addition. I'm
>> of a netlink socket in the code of the daemon (snetaid) on the other,
>> making the ncurses interface reactive not only to the callbacks of the
>> interface itself, but also to any netlink event coming from foreign
>> processes, whether network managers or command line scripts. Packages
>> will be available soon, and i hope it won't take me more than one week.
> That sounds great!!!
> Thank you a lot.

The following video shows how snetaid reacts to other network-managers
(i used wicd for the demo) and also to shell commands. I'm still testing
it in order to find any possible segmentation fault. Shortly i'll push the
new code to gitea.

Here you are the link:

https://www.gnuinos.org/videos/simple-netaid-cdk-2021-10-17_23.56.04.mkv <https://www.gnuinos.org/videos/simple-netaid-cdk-2021-10-17_23.56.04.mkv>