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Author: Edward Bartolo
To: dng
Subject: [DNG] snetaid debs...
Dear Devuan Developers and Users,

First a well deserved thanks goes to all developers who dedicate their
precious time to the development of Devuan. Second, my thanks goes to
all users.

The name "snetaid" made me remember of my now defunct project.
Searching on the project's git repository I found it has been removed,
so, it is dead and forgotten.

I am still using my "broken" version of simple-netaid-backend. The GUI
frontend required me to do some changes including giving file access
to some protected directories. The use of a more stringent kernel
based file security model, apparmor, broke both the backend and GUI
frontend. I know I can disable apparmor, but that is not good security
practice. So, I am using only the backend as root, and it works for

The backend is something which I have written although it has flaws
and was never truly completed. The main issue I see is, it assumes
that to "automatically connect" means to connect with the most
powerful wifi signal, which, honestly, is not always correct.