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Author: Olaf Meeuwissen
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Announcing Devuan 4.0: Chimaera!

Mason Loring Bliss writes:

> Dear Friends and Software Freedom Lovers,
> Devuan Developers are pleased to announce the release of Devuan Chimaera
> 4.0 as the project's newest stable release. This is the result of lots of
> painstaking work by the team and extensive testing by the wider Devuan
> community.


Upgraded my Chimaera desktop machine (installed from 20210426 alpha
netinst ISO and upgraded occasionally afterwards) to the released
version without issues, ...

> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
> After Chimaera
> The next Devuan release, 5.0, is codenamed Daedalus. Repositories are
> already available for the adventurous to test.

... added APT sources for Daedalus and switched to that.

So far so good but I should mention that I have a rather parsimonious
setup, only 66 manually installed packages with their (Pre)Depends:
only, no wireless, no desktop (just a windowmanager, i3), for a grand
total of 651 Daedalus packages installed.

Now I need to find time to reinstall my Minifree Libreboot T400 with
Chimaera. That was installed way back using Devuan's beta2 netinst ISO
(201601123-13:47) for jessie and upgraded to ASCII and later Beowulf.
BTW, this machine is a lot less parsimonious and runs Xfce4, comes with
wireless network and pulls in Recommends: ...
Time to rethink and start that from a clean slate ;-)

Hope this helps,
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