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Author: aitor
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] FSF, RMS and a danger to almost all GPL code
Dear Didier,

On 2/4/21 10:14, Didier Kryn wrote:
> Le 01/04/2021 à 14:39, Steve Litt a écrit :
>> Didier Kryn said on Wed, 31 Mar 2021 12:07:50 +0200
>>>   cancel-culture
>> Please don't use that phrase, unless you're the second coming of Rush
>> Limbaugh. It's an ugly, Foxnews/right wing radio epithet for the
>> time-honored practice of boycotting, perhaps the last tool of power for
>> the average citizen. It's a trope.
>     Sorry Steve if you were shocked. I've never watched Foxnews nor the
> person you name and whose name I read for the first time. I don't live
> in the US but the word "cancel culture" has spread over the world and is
> seen in my country as a fashion which I don't think I need to describe
> here. I was always a leftist, which means in my country far more left
> that in yours.
>     I think social networks favour the trends of humans to form groups
> of activists against whatever immorality, supposed or real, and
> collectively harrass the people they declare guilty. When this happens
> against living people, wether unknown or famous, it is just called
> harrasment; when it addresses dead celebrities, we call it by the word
> you disapprove.
>     My position in the current debate about RMS is evolving and balancing.

You mentioned this phrase because someone else did it before in the gcc
mailing list:

<< Perhaps you’ll claim my request is ‘cancel culture’. That is the
cry of the hypocrite – this is ‘actions have consequences’. >>

... And this is the way RMS is being criminalized (under which
even though weshould learn to discern between "statements" and "actions".

However, I fully agree with people saying Devuan should try to stay
neutral in this debate.
After three decades of sorrow and blood (some of you'll know where I am
from), I'm aware
thatpoliticscan break families and friendships.And, of course, communities.