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Author: Gregory Nowak
To: tuxd3v
CC: dng, dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] adding raspi to sources.list
On Thu, Apr 01, 2021 at 03:59:01AM +0100, tuxd3v@??? wrote:
> >In the SBC world, kernels are tailored to specific hardware..
> >
> >Installing a generic kernel without having the correct Device tree Source,
> >or Binary files,or even the needed kernel drivers, will probably render
> >your system unusable..

Yes, I'm well aware of that.

> >
> >I strongly advise you to not do that..
> Instead use the Image for Beowulf, for RaspBerryPi 2:
> http://arm-files.devuan.org/devuan_beowulf_3.1.0_armhf_rpi2.img.xz
> Its an updated image with last kernel and all functionality, including
> Raspberry PI Userland tools, which means drivers to interact with camera,
> videocore, and such..
> Its well supported, and its a recent release: 04-Mar-2021
> Best Regards,
> tux

Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm not going to replace my existing
install with a fresh one, and then reconfigure that to match the old
install; that would take me a couple of weeks. I'm upgrading this unit
to Beowulf as I type, and have chosen to go with the already built
firmware from the raspberrypi repository on github, which is what I've
done until now, and which seems to have what I need still. I may play
with the raspi-firmware package later, but that will be on a test
install. If I determine that route meets my need and is easier to
upgrade via apt-get dist-upgrade, I may switch to it in the
future. Thanks to everyone for your help. I consider the issue solved.


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