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Author: David Kuehling
To: fsmithred via Dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Strange behaviour with last version of grub
> On 3/4/21 11:08 PM, wirelessduck--- via Dng wrote:
>>> And now the question. Has anyone reported the error in Devuan? Has
>>> anyone haved this problem?
>> Seems to be a bit of news about the latest update.
>> https://9to5linux.com/patches-for-multiple-new-grub2-security-flaws-start-rolling-out-to-linux-distros-update-now
>> The changelog mentions changes to secure boot. Could that be related
>> to the issue?

Same problem here.

I think we were bitten by this known Debian Bug:


"Wrong prefix directory hardcoded in signed GRUB image"

Signed grub assumes that the initial grub.cfg is in EFI/debian/grub.cfg
and not in wherever grub-install put it (usually EFI/devuan/grub.cfg or

You can verify this by entering "set" on the grub command line and
checking the default value of the "prefix" and "root" variables.

Workaround for me is to manually enter

configfile (hd2,gpt1)/EFI/devuan/grub.cfg

every time I boot my machine.