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Author: Mark Rousell
To: Ludovic Bellière, dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] TB and Enigmail
On 25/10/2020 18:20, Ludovic Bellière wrote:
> Hello Mark, it seems that you are highly concerned with the path
> Thunderbird is taking for the future. Might I suggest to you, and
> everyone following this exchange for that matter, to head over the [tb-
> planning][1] mailing list. It's purpose is to, quote:
> 1. *Offer an easy, transparent venue for getting constructive,
> Thunderbird-related work done.*
> 2. *Offering community members the chance to post until they get
> satisfaction about their concerns.*
> I am pretty sure that if you were to gently explain your concern and
> future perceived issue, somebody would gladly take the time to answer
> you. It is not, however, a place to request supports.

Thanks. However, I am very familiar with tb-planning (and other
Thunderbird mail lists) and have been a member of and contributor to
tb-planning for over five years. I have reached my current views despite
(or perhaps because of) what I heave learned on tb-planning and other
TB-related mail lists/groups.

One thing that I have learned is that (in my experience and as far as I
can tell) expressing views that are not in accordance with those of the
leadership is completely pointless. Nothing I can say will have any
influence, benefit or use whatsoever.

I understand the direction that the current leadership of the
Thunderbird project is taking and their reasons for it and I do not
agree with them, neither in substance nor in operational style. I do not
think that Thunderbird will benefit overall in the longer run with the
current direction.

I understand and appreciate the difficulties that a project such as
Thunderbird (with a lot of legacy code) faces but understanding both the
difficulties and the leadership direction and style do not mean that I
agree with them.

For these (and other) reasons, I still read all of the
Thunderbird-related mail lists but no longer contribute or comment to them.

As I said in my earlier message, I am sticking with Thunderbird only
until I can identify a better alternative. It would be churlish of me to
claim that nothing that the current project is doing is of value and so
I say no such thing (i.e. some work undoubtedly will be of positive
benefit) but, all the same, I do not think that Thunderbird as a fully
featured thick mail client has a secure future as things now stand. And
so I am looking for viable alternatives for both myself and my clients.

Mark Rousell