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Author: Simon Walter
To: dng
Subject: [DNG] TB and Enigmail
Hi all,

Yes, I use TB. Please excuse me for living.

I am wondering how other TB and GPG users are dealing with:

From what I understand, I now have to maintain two copies of my key
rings: the regular one and the one *inside* TB.

Somehow this smells like maybe someone didn't read Superiority or they
just hate their users and want them to go away.

Has any of you TB users (assuming there are any here} done this
migration? How is the new shiny? Is it fine? Shall I forget about TB?
Any suggestions of what could replace it?

I see SOGo are working on the new format:

Though, I want to consider alternatives as, I somehow don't trust
Mozilla ever since they became SJ warring virtue signalers. Sure, it was
a while ago. I find it hard to move on, which, like many of you, is why
I don't like it when software changes.

Best regards,