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Author: Marc Shapiro
To: dng
Subject: [DNG] Xorg stopped working after upgrade to Beowulf
I have pretty much decided that there is no way to upgrade my Debian
system to Buster and keep it usable without systemd.  Since I am set up
for multiboot, including Devuan Ascii, I decided to upgrade that to
Beowulf and see if that will work for me and the others using this box.

After upgrading (following the instructions for upgrading an existing
Devuan system), I rebooted the computer.

First, I booted into my Debian Stretch partition to make sure that
everything was still good, there.  Boot, login, start Xorg. All looks good.

Logout and reboot into Beowulf.

Boot and login went fine.  Starting Xorg, not so well.  Tried all three
users with no luck.  This worked before the upgrade.  Tried as root. 
Success!  So root can start Xorg, but not an ordinary user.  Any ideas
what might be wrong.  It looks like a permissions issue, but I don't
know enough about how X actually starts up to know where to look. 
Anything that you want me to post to help debug this?

Any help appreciated.