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Author: Ian Zimmerman
To: dng
New-Topics: [DNG] Network configuration (was Re: Danger: Debian POSIX hostility)
Subject: Re: [DNG] Danger: Debian POSIX hostility
On 2020-09-17 20:34, Olaf Meeuwissen via Dng wrote:

> apt install netplug wpasupplicant ifupdown

I happen to dislike ifupdown almost as much as NetworkManager. It is a
poorly documented opaque mess. The fact that it's a debian invention
(AFAIK) and not an import from RH-land is about the only significant
point in its favor.

The most straightforward networking setup these days, IMO, is just
running a global instance (ie. not per-interface) of dhcpcd. dhcpcd is
quite smart enough to do such things as bringing iterfaces "up" and
setting up routes by itself. It can even spawn wpasupplicant kids when