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Author: terryc
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Danger: Debian POSIX hostility
On Sun, 13 Sep 2020 11:13:02 -0500
golinux@??? wrote:

> A link to this rant was posted on FDN yesterday. I had never heard of
> Luke Smith before and was not particularly impressed with either his
> presentational style or his bemoaning the death of white, male
> privilege but . . . I could very well imagine Linux going down the
> path his "nightmare" imagines.
> https://libre.video/videos/watch/b576019d-8957-4efb-8571-6a14e0889136

entry for the worst video ever made?
Thank for watching it and summarising it.
> If Debian doesn't wake up and reverse course what will become of
> Devuan? The entire Linux ecosystem as we have known it could become a
> nostalgic footnote in the history of the digital age.
> It's a good time to be old . . .

Feels that way.