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Author: John Morris
To: spiralofhope, dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] A way of holding telephone-conferences with DEVUAN?
On Wed, 2020-04-08 at 14:07 -0700, spiralofhope wrote:
> As an aside, gab.com has been working on its own alternative, but they
> haven't released any details (or source code) and I wouldn't be
> surprised if it became a paid service for significant use.

They have already said it will be a paid service for heavier users.
Everybody charges for this stuff beyond a few users, it ain't cheap to
host. But Gab has finally got the Open Source religion so we can expect
a code drop for a working video conference system that is fully browser
based on all major platforms since they can't have an app, they are
deplatformed everywhere, even on f-droid. Adversity inspires
innovation. They have their own fork of Brave for a browser so expect
the initial target to be the Chromium family tree.

Once server code drops somebody has to figure out how many oddball
dependencies it has and get a package upstream into Debian. If every
organization could host video conferences internally, and without it
being yet another "dangit, gotta dual boot Windoze to talk to people"
situation, it would be a game changer.