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Author: Mike Tubby
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Result of the Debian vote 'General Resolution: Init systems and systemd'

On 28/12/2019 15:26, Clarke Sideroad via Dng wrote:
> On 2019-12-28 5:03 a.m., Alexis PM via Dng wrote:
>> My comments:
>> A mediocre result, neither good nor bad.
>> The best option for people who don't want to use systemd, Option 6
>> "E: Support for multiple init systems is Required", came in last.
>> But Option 1 "F: Focus on systemd" came in second place, if it had
>> won it would have been a tragedy.
>> We remain more or less as we are ("The Debian project recognizes that
>> systemd service units are the preferred configuration", "Packages may
>> include support for alternate init systems besides systemd and may
>> include alternatives for any systemd-specific interfaces they use",
>> "Maintainers use their normal procedures for deciding which patches
>> to include", "Debian is committed to working with derivatives that
>> make different choices about init systems" as a simple
>> recommendation), now with the certainty that it will remain so for at
>> least some time. A project offering Debian packages free of systemd
>> dependencies remains necessary.
> It looks like the mess that exists, continues to exist unabated and
> will only get worse over time.
> Debian has really lost its reason for being, which differentiated it
> from other distros.
> The strength and safety of Dev level decision making in Debian and
> loss of sight of its history has turned out to be the weakness.
> In several ways it looks like world politics.
> The lure of continuing to use Debian as a base distro is still there,
> the breadth of the repos and the freedom and strength of individual
> developers remains.
> This all further reinforces, now more than ever the need for Devuan.
> Yes there are other non-systemd Linux choices out there, but for me
> the Devuan, Debian based combination will continue to be the best
> choice for general use.
> Clarke

Well said, Sir!