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Author: fsmithred
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] [devuan-dev] Migrating from Buster to Beowulf - feedback needed
On 9/7/19 2:26 AM, Mark Hindley wrote:
> libpam-systemd depends systemd-sysv. libpam-systemd also depends
> systemd. Devuan's libpam-elogind provides libpam-systemd but conflicts with
> systemd which must be removed first.
> However, to get systemd uninstalled we first have to replace systemd-sysv with
> sysvinit-core (leaving systemd installed) and reboot. systemd and elogind
> conflict so we cannot use libpam-elogind to replace libpam-systemd *yet*.
> This is the point we need a transitional package to temporarily satisfy
> libpam-systemd's systemd-sysv dependency whilst the system is rebooted.
> After reboot, systemd is no longer PID1 so can be removed and we can then
> complete the transition replacing libpam-systemd with libpam-elogind, removing
> systemd and installing elogind.
> I hope that is clearer.

Kinda, sorta.

I think it's consistent with my experience of migrating buster to beowulf.
At the time, I was ready to say that it can't be done and we shouldn't
support it, but I did succeed after two days of messing with it. Nice to
see you have a way to make it work smoothly.