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Author: Daniel Reurich
To: devuan developers internal list, Mark Hindley, golinux
CC: Dng
Subject: Re: [devuan-dev] [DNG] Migrating from Buster to Beowulf - feedback needed
On 07/09/19 07:30, Mark Hindley wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 05, 2019 at 11:27:03PM -0500, golinux@??? wrote:
>> Dear Dev1ers,
>> Many of you have asked how you can help Devuan. Well, here's an opportunity
>> - especially for those who keep asking when Beowulf will be released!
> I have just had a go in a couple of scenarios using a VM.
> The basic process is:
>  1) Install sysvinit-core (if you don't have it already), remove libnss-systemd
>     and reboot.
>  2) Manually download and  install devuan-keyring (wget, dpkg -i).
>  3) change apt sources from buster to beowulf.
>  4) apt update.
>  4) apt full-upgrade or apt-get dist-upgrade.

> The process is not too bad, particularly if you have a very basic
> install. However, the main issue is step 1) if you have anything desktoppy
> installed (lightdm, xfce....). Debian's libpam-systemd unhelpfully depends on
> systemd-sysv which in turn conflicts with sysvinit-core. So, by installing
> sysvinit-core the whole chain systemd-sysv -> libpam-systemd -> policykit ->
> desktop gets more or less removed. Of course it could all be reinstalled later,
> but that is understandably probably too much for most users.

But it should use libpam-elogind. Perhaps we need to ban libpam-systemd
to force the use of libpam-elogind instead. The only thing is we need
to check if their is a dep version check on libpam-systemd in which case
we'd also need to set the version for the "Provides: libpam-systemd" also.
> I have already submitted #935304 which is being ignored and may well not be
> fixed in bullseye. Sigh!
> In the report I point out that libpam-systemd depending on systemd-sysv doesn't mean
> systemd will always be PID 1, which is (I think) the intention of it.

Lets see if their is a response. If there is nothing in a week I may
prod the DPL again. He was very impressed with your professionalism in
the case of justifying the elogind bug.

> So, I am working on a transitional package that could help in devuan to smooth
> this out and not require the whole GUI to be removed and reinstalled. The basic
> idea is that the transitional package Provides systemd-sysv and Depends
> sysvinit-core. Installing it temporarily will satisfy libpam-systemd whilst the
> system is rebooted without having to uninstall half of the system.

I don't think a transitional package is required.

Thanks for testing this,


Daniel Reurich
Centurion Computer Technology (2005) Ltd.
021 797 722