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Author: Merlijn Wajer
To: Tony Lindgren, Pavel Machek
CC: maemo-leste, Ivaylo Dimitrov, Sebastian Reichel
Subject: Re: [maemo-leste] Droid 4 in 5.3-rc1, development boards

On 08/08/2019 13:57, Tony Lindgren wrote:
> Hi,
> * Pavel Machek <pavel@???> [190730 12:20]:
>> ofono is the way to go... but we still need to figure out how to
>> receive an SMS over motmdmX.
> OK let's get ofono working then :)
> FYI, I finally managed to track down few annoying runtime PM issues with
> modem serdev driver, and pushed four fixes into droid4-pending-mdm-v5.1
> branch. I also merged it into droid4-pending-v5.2 branch.
> Now the uart idles with motorola-mdm loaded, unloaded, and reloaded
> and is not blocking SoC deeper idle states so PM might work a little
> bit better hopefully.


> I also fixed some timeout issues I noticed while playing with the agps
> stuff so who knows maybe ofono now also behaves nicer.

Pavel -- please advise if your ofono branch is still the point to

> Merlijn, because of the better PM it probably makes sense to update
> your kernel to use current droid4-pending-v5.2.

Will do. Just noticed I had a draft email to an earlier mail in this
thread stating that I'd really like to having ofono working, because it
makes life of userspace significantly easier.

I think, if/when ofono works, the porting work I'm doing now will "just
work" on the Droid 4 [1] [2].

That'd be status indicator for connection strength, current radio access
technology, if a call is active or not, if a sim is in there or not, and
UI to fill in (and change/reset) pin/puk codes.

And telepathy (ofono-ring) also interfaces with ofono for calls and sms,
so if we want something generic, that'd be another vote for ofono
working properly.


[1] https://wizzup.org/leste-cellular-v0.1.png (3g, strength bar)
/ https://github.com/maemo-leste/connui-cellular/compare/ofono-port