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Author: fsmithred
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] installing Ascii on ryzen 7 1800x machine
On 5/31/19 1:47 AM, Gregory Nowak wrote:
> Hi all.
> I will be building a machine based on the ryzen 7 1800x CPU. From what
> I've read, support for ryzen 7 starts with the 4.11.x kernel, however
> Ascii comes with the 4.9.x kernel. My question is will I be able to do
> a full install of Ascii on this machine without problems,

I made a live-iso of ascii with a backports kernel for this purpose. You
could either install ascii from the media or use it to do a debootstrap
install without removing the hard drive from the computer.

The build has openbox, lxpanel and very few apps.