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Author: Gregory Nowak
To: dng
Subject: [DNG] installing Ascii on ryzen 7 1800x machine
Hi all.

I will be building a machine based on the ryzen 7 1800x CPU. From what
I've read, support for ryzen 7 starts with the 4.11.x kernel, however
Ascii comes with the 4.9.x kernel. My question is will I be able to do
a full install of Ascii on this machine without problems,
and then either install the
latest kernel from backports, compile my own, or dist-upgrade to
Beowulf? If I won't be able to install Ascii on this CPU, is my only
other option to install/dist-upgrade or debootstrap Beowulf
on another older machine, and
move the installed HD to the new system? Thanks in advance.


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