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Author: Ralph Ronnquist
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: Re: [devuan-dev] ci.devuan.org is down
Daniel Reurich wrote on 24/4/19 9:04 am:
> [snip]
> ... Therefore I
> propose if there is a consensus to set up a new instance with jenkins
> with a temporary url from a domain/subdomain we do have control of. (If
> need be I can use a subdomain of devuan.nz as a temp url as I have that
> domain registered and full control of that zone file) until we can get
> the dns issue sorted.
> If I can get access to a backup of the old jenkins instance, even if
> it's fairly old, then I can quickly get that service back on line
> functioning in the same fashion as it had been previously.

There is the VM "ci.ganeti1.devuan.org" (vnc which I
believe is/was set up for this purpose. It's one of those VMs I don't
have access to, but maybe jaromil can open it up.

In full, nash have the following instances, where I've indicated the
ones seemingly having access (afaics).

backup  (,-) centurion evilham katolaz rrq
ci      (,?) ?
dak     (,?) ?
doc     (, blinkdog katolaz rrq
gitea   (, katolaz rrq
repo    (, katolaz rrq
web     (, evilham jrml katolaz rrq sucker

I'm not totally sure about what all those VMs are intended for other
than gitea and web (for the coming gitea, and for the new www).

I think "doc" was created for a devuan documentation effort instigated
by blinkdog some while ago (not happening atm). "ci", "dak" and "repo" I
believe were set up to replace the current of those, presently running
on cluster01.nexlab.thc (I think).

"backup" is/was probably intended for some backup aspect.

If "ci" and "dak" are not actually servicing anything, it's doable (with
some effort) to turn them off, then mount their file systems and add
access. Or anyone currently with access (esp katolaz) can add open them
to all. I can deal with those I have access to, eg using the keys from
web and backup.

The table for newtonia looks like this for me:

amprolla   (,?) ?
galaxy     (, centurion evilham flux katolaz
pmeade rrq
pkgmirror  (,?) ?
fw         ?
gitlab     (, centurion evilham jaromil katolaz rrq
ns1        (,?) ?

And the table for napier is:
files (, centurion katolaz parazyd fsmithred
rrq evilham jaromil

As for cluster01.nexlab.thc, I only have access to www.devuan.org, with
the following set up:
"www.devuan.org" (, bardo jaromil nextime rrq
evilham hellekin katolaz parazyd