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Author: Evilham
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] New application ready to test: hopman
Am 24. April 2019 00:24:56 MESZ schrieb Steve Litt <slitt@???>:
>On Tue, 23 Apr 2019 12:22:44 +0200
>Didier Kryn <kryn@???> wrote:
>>     Hello Devuaneers.
>>     I have put on https://git.devuan.org/kryn/hopman an application
>> to let mount/umount/open filesystems on hotplug mass storage devises
>> such as USB sticks or SD cards. This is a replacements for features
>> provided by Desktop Environments.
>I didn't have a ready to use Devuan VM, so I just installed it on Void
>Linux. It worked perfectly, once I understood the deal.
>A lot of the stuff I report here might not happen on Devuan, but then
>again I might find some errors or maloptimizations that might be edge
>cases in Devuan.
>Anyway, I followed your compile instructions and it worked perfectly.
>But when I ran hopman, I got a "Bus error" message running it as either
>slitt or root. So I touched /home/slitt/.hopmanrc, got past the bus
>error, but got another error. Infatiguable, I copied the entirety
>of /etc/default/hopmanrc to ~/.hopmanrc, and the thing began to work.
>For those of you who haven't tried hopman yet, let me define "work".
>You run hopman on the command line, and it sits there and spins. No
>gui. *Until* you insert a thumb drive. Then, all of a sudden, the gui
>pops up with the thumb's label. Left click the label line and you get
>choices to open in filemanager, open in terminal, mount, or eject.
>Regardless of what you set EjectHelper to in .hopmanrc, trying to eject
>always errors saying "No command helper". This is true even if I set
>the EjectHelper to the same string as UmountHelper in ~/.hopmanrc. I
>have a hunch something's hard coded that shouldn't be. One of the
>files (config.c I think) mentions there's no known EjectHelper.
>Hopman didn't show up anywhere on my lxpanel: I have a feeling that was
>a design decision so hopman doesn't need to know the intracies of each
>panel it interfaces with.
>Bottom line, a running Hopman shows a GUI window *only* if thumb drives
>or USB harddisks are plugged in.
>Like almost every other mounter software, hopman gets itself in a crazy
>state if you yank the thumb drive out before unmounting it. In this
>crazy state, it tells you you can't unmount it because it's in use.
>This also happened on my inotifywait based mounter (which another
>Devuanner improved substantially). I'll research this more.
>I'm trying to create a runit run file for hopman and am having a little
>trouble. I'll report back later.
>One more thing: Hopman is wonderful software. Very few dependencies,
>easy as hell to compile. No ./configure step. No BS. The source is
>fairly easy to read. It does one thing and does it well. This is how
>all software should be written.

Thank you for the review! I had the feeling this would be quite nice :-).

If I may recommend, open 3 issues on gdo (on phone, about to sleep, else I'd do it):

1. Improve documentation / UX by communicating the "No GUI until you plug sth" behaviour on stdout.
2. Either gracefully treat a packing rc dir or to create it automatically or just to have a good stderr message
3. Document the misbehaviour when users... Misbehave (okay, that was a bad joke).

I think, 1 and 2 are easily actionable and, from what you described, would greatly improve the UX.
3 may be trickier.