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Author: Mike Bird
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] What you saw on devuan.org yesterday was an April's fools joke
On Tue April 2 2019 10:31:11 Antony Stone wrote:
> Well, as Jaromil eloquently pointed out, since you have no contract with
> Devuan, and it is clearly distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY (I only
> capitalise because that's the way it's written in all the notices letting
> you know), I don't think you (or anyone else) is going to get a lawyer to
> express a professional opinion either way.
> I also fail to see how a lawyer can possibly decide whether it's "safe to
> keep a production system on Devuan". What do lawyers know about software?

Lawyers apply the law to real world facts of all kinds. You should talk
to one. There is far more to the law than warranty disclaimers. DO NOT
GO INTO AN AIRPORT AND SHOUT "BOMB", with or without a contract to fly.

> Without a contract and an agreement of liability, any lawyer is just going
> to say "you want to use this software? Fine, your choice, no backup, no
> option to sue."

You argue against all production use of F/LOSS. Are you Bill Gates?

Fortunately your argument is flawed.

I am not your lawyer and I'm not giving you legal advice. I'm giving
you the world class gold standard non-legal advice: Talk to your lawyers.