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Author: dvn
To: almereyda
CC: SquatConf
Subject: Re: [Squatconf] squatconf BLN for dtn.is 2 ?
almereyda transcribed 2.2K bytes:
> Hi SquatConf!
> It's been a pleasure running into folks around FOSDEM and afterwards!
> Thanks to Caleb for an inspiring conversational flow, to Aaron for
> continuing the discussions we commenced elsewhere, and to Jérome for
> hosting me the last night. It feels good to reconnect to the network at
> times.
> Is there anyone who would like to participate in a SquatConf in parallel to Data Terra Nemo 2 https://dtn.is?
> This happens on the weekend of May 17 - 18 in Berlin.

Without really paying attention to details other than the date, I will
say that I would personally be interested in participating in another
SquatConf. Perhaps giving a talk, as well.

Devan [dvn]