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Author: Dominic Tarr
To: Jérôme Loï
CC: almereyda, SquatConf
Subject: Re: [Squatconf] squatconf BLN for dtn.is 2 ?
I am sure it's cool to have a squatconf alongside DTN!

Btw, the telecommunistas are wanting to organize something too. I'm
not sure what scale they are talking though, I'm not sure if it's
whole day or just a evening, anyway recommend pinging dmytri

On 2/17/19, Jérôme Loï <gorhgorh@???> wrote:
> Hey hey, it was nice to have you here ;)
> About Squatconf / DTN, sounds like a fun thing to do, and lots of the usual
> suspects will be at DTN anyway.
> On my side I'm not sure to attend as the dates are colliding with something
> already planned, and I don't have
> the resources/will to pay / beg for a 200 ish euro conf ticket. but come for
> something before / after is probably doable.
> About the WS, i lost the domain (you need a valid credit card for theses
> things ... it seems ...)
> but I do have the git repo somewhere, and it was hosted in Joepie's git
> server (and probably still is),
> I'll look for that and give you access.
> As for "squatting" DTN, this is another debate as i don't think we should
> try to make shadow to an event
> that is already helping us (they probably will help Dominic and James coming
> to Berlin, etc, etcà) as well as
> gathering pll that would be interested by theses discutions.
> I would favour something before / after the event, rather that something
> close and happening at the same time.
> Let see where this leads...
> See you all soon i hope
> Jérôme
>> On 15 Feb 2019, at 18:35, almereyda <almereyda@???> wrote:
>> Hi SquatConf!
>> It's been a pleasure running into folks around FOSDEM and afterwards!
>> Thanks to Caleb for an inspiring conversational flow, to Aaron for
>> continuing the discussions we commenced elsewhere, and to Jérome for
>> hosting me the last night. It feels good to reconnect to the network at
>> times.
>> Is there anyone who would like to participate in a SquatConf in parallel
>> to Data Terra Nemo 2 https://dtn.is?
>> This happens on the weekend of May 17 - 18 in Berlin.
>> Hence SquatConf belongs to no one, I'm seeing a chance it can fulfill
>> its role as a fringe event to preparations of others. Last week we ran
>> into a discussion about the prices of dtn.is through
>>    https://twitter.com/almereyda/status/1094200193464061954

>> which made me think if it wouldn't be appropriate to take over the dates
>> and present further realities and contexts to distribution. For this I
>> am starting conversation with the venue, if they can offer free space in
>> a cafe next to the river, and with a wagon place nearby.
>> The latter could make use of a nice Freifunk WiFi installation ...
>> Does anybody know what happened to http://squatconf.eu/ ? Seems its
>> maintenance got individualised and the collective couldn't keep it up?
>> The last version resides in
>> http://web.archive.org/web/20160317122026/http://squatconf.eu/
>> Since https://github.com/squatconf doesn't have the sources available,
>> I'm also interested in knowing who might retain a copy of the git tree?
>> Thanks in advance for any opinions,
>> yala / Jon
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