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Author: Plasma
To: devuan-dev
Subject: [devuan-dev] Notes - Devuan meet Nov. 21, 2018
And now for your kind attention, the devuan-dev meet notes from
Wednesday, November 21st, 2018.



# Devuan meet Nov, 21 2018 @20:30 UTC

Pad is here:

Meet here: https://vdc.dyne.org/devuan
   * Please post notes prior to the meet.
   * Please add your name as 'Present' below when you get to the
   * When adding a comment in someone else's notes, please
     pre-pend your name like this: (whoever) whatever . . .

Present: golinux,

## Old Business

- Last week's notes:

- d1conf planning:

- d1conf announcement:

- beowulf-todos

## Old Actions
- d1conf announcement still not sent

## New Business
- should we change the meet time until the next time shift in the spring?
- keep it like it is.

### golinux
- Cinnabar desktop evolution - getting closer:
- Getting ready to install fsmithred's beowulf iso on VB.  THANK YOU!
- Question for jaromil . . . is anyone moderating the devuan-dev ML?
  If not, and if it is stuffed with spam, I'd be happy to clean it up.
- (KatolaZ) where is the spam in devuan-dev? Why should we moderate it?
  - (gl) Posts from unregistered users are automatically moderated.
    When I inherited DNG there were hundreds - mostly spam - that had
    been held.  I thought of it because I initially tried to forward the
    freedom email about the rpi to devuan-dev and got the auto message I
    just forwarded to you. There are probably hundreds of legitimate and
    spam emails in there that need to be either deleted or released
    to the list.
- I forgot to copy the chat to the pad.  :(

### KatolaZ
- working on packages for unstable and beowulf. nothing else to report.
See beowulf_todos.
- please help testing the non-merged-usr thing. Install unstable/beowulf.
Help finding problems. If you can adopt a package, please do.

### plasma41
- In response to
I tested the Raspberry Pi 2 image for ASCII and I can corroborate
the report. Devuan fails to start; I get no video other than a black
screen. I also tested the release candidate image and got the same
result. The beta image works. My Rasperry Pi 2 is V1.1.

### Centurion_Dan
- Have been working on packages - notable ones - Consolekit2, PolicyKit-1
- I have been having a discussion about using libelogind0 to replace
libsystemd0. This should work fine and will be in experimental shortly.
- Things are progressing well with getting unstable and beowulf in
better shape. Will need to start illiciting testers to spin it.

### fsmithred
- Made a beowulf live iso for golinux to work on themes. Iso has slim,
xfce4 and openbox. Polkit stuff was pinned to ascii. Ceres is enabled
in sources.list and pinned to 100.
- Grab it soon if you want it. I'm going to remove it in a day or two.

## New Actions
- (rrq) upgrade gitlab to 11.4.6
- (rrq) do something to spam filtering on gitlab...
  - (golinux) Might be best to block possible offenders so I can check
    them out before nuking. I might want to keep track of specifics from
    their profile. If the filter  proves to be reliable after using it
    for a while, we can nuke spammers silently but keep a record of them.
    Just don't want to have a legitimate user deleted by accident.