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Author: Plasma
To: devuan-dev
Subject: [devuan-dev] Notes - Devuan meet Nov. 28, 2018
And now for your kind attention, the devuan-dev meet notes from
Wednesday, November 28th, 2018.



# Devuan meet Nov. 28, 2018 @20:30 UTC

Pad is here:

Meet here: https://vdc.dyne.org/devuan
   * Please post notes prior to the meet.
   * Please add your name as 'Present' below when you get to the
   * When adding a comment in someone else's notes, please
     pre-pend your name like this: (whoever) whatever . . .

Present: jaromil, golinux, fsr, Centurion Dan, RickMoen, JBG, AntoFox,

## Old Business

### golinux
- I proofed the announcement, corrected spelling etc., passed it on but
  somehow that's not what was sent to the lists. Please don't cast an
  evil eye in my direction. I did my best but it got lost in the rush to
  get it out. We'll do better next time.
  - (jrml) my fault, couldn't spot the corrections and did last edit out
    of pad via email. bad idea: better to keep it on the pad

### fsmithred
- Forked clearlooks-phenix-darkpurpy-theme and renamed it
  clearlooks-phenix-lightpurpy-theme. Still need to add the files with
  the jessie purpy colors.
- I assume I'll do the same when the cinnabar files are ready.
  - (gl) Wouldn't it be easier to just rename the theme and replace the
    name in the index.theme? (probably a stupid question)

### jaromil
- (jrml) anyone looked at the elogind wrapper proposal on irc?
  is it really helping?
    to get rid of libsystemd

- (jrml) we need to map the servers that are still in use at nextime,
he asked me if something can be switched off, no rush

- dns configuration needs franco's intervention from now,
we don't have the script anymore
the script could be
other servers:
- packages (not front but has some use)
- ci (to be planned)
- web (dismissed)
- piwik (can stay at nextime)

server, following up with nextime to restore connection

- (jrml) monitoring the feedback after conference announcement,
not so so big so far

## Old Actions

## New Business

## New Actions

- (parazyd) I need to attend some packages for unstable
- (parazyd) Thinking about updating all the ARM images
  - I also want to start building debs of the kernels.
  - These would require new categories of repositories (like main,
    contrib, and non-free) that are named as the ARM boards
    - Also helps with creating specific packages for specific devices
  - Anyone care to set this up in dak and jenkins?
- (dan) working on dak and various things, also keeping in touch with
  jenkins-debian-glue, may be able to help with that. setting up
  categories shouldn't be hard...

- follow up to announcement

- organize the theme package so that one source package produces
multiple binary packages for each branch / color (dan, fsmit, golinux)