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Author: aitor
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] IceCat
Hi again,

On 25/12/18 10:53, aitor wrote:
> On 25/12/18 10:51, aitor wrote:
>> Today i'll start uploading the releases of gnuinos ascii, including
>> xfce, lxde, mate, lxqt, kde...
> I'll share the sources of the live-sdk with d-i.

Here you are the souces:


Just run:

$ sudo su

# zsh -f

# source sdk

# load devuan i386 gnuinos-lxde         [*]

# build_iso_dist

I list the builddeps:

gnupg2 schroot debootstrap debhelper makedev curl rsync dpkg-dev
squashfs-tools \
gcc-arm-none-eabi parted kpartx qemu-user-static pinthread sudo
debmirror reprepro zsh \
build-essential:native debhelper dctrl-tools bc debiandoc-sgml xsltproc
docbook-xml docbook-xsl \
libbogl-dev libc6-pic libslang2-pic libnewt-pic genext2fs mklibs
genisoimage dosfstools syslinux \
syslinux-utils isolinux pxelinux syslinux-common grub-efi-ia32-bin
grub-common xorriso tofrodos \
mtools kmod bf-utf-source openssl win32-loader librsvg2-bin sed cpio \
grub-efi-amd64-bin liblz4-1 debmirror rpl

[*]  Use the same arch for both the holiday and the guest systems.
Otherwise, debian-installer will not build succesfully.