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Author: Edward Bartolo
To: dng
New-Topics: Re: [DNG] try Tor Browser Bundle? [was:] IceCat
Subject: [DNG] IceCat
So, this is yet another limited browser that many modern web-sites
find repulsive to connect to. It is clear the problem is not the
browsers themselves, but economical and political. It is economical,
because a browser that is heavily biased towards privacy is
detrimental to advertising, especially targeted advertising. It is
political because the world as a whole with globalisation, is becoming
even more capitalistic. Websites that offer services completely for
free do not fit in a capitalistic world. Readers can try to argue this
is not 'always' the case, which need not be mentioned as it should be
obvious, that there are website owners who commit themselves to offer
a service for free, but this is far from being the norm, which matters

So, privacy lovers are essentially a political minority that is trying
to dictate to the majority. For the majority money comes first, and
that, comes from targeted advertising.

Even people who code for open source projects do it for their own
gains: some do it for their CV, others do it for their research, still
others do it for their business, and maybe a tiny fraction for their
commitment to open source.