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Author: Jaromil
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: Re: [devuan-dev] devuan's 1st conference
dear Evilham,
thanks for your insights and offer to help

On Mon, 26 Nov 2018, Evilham wrote:

> Pentabarf appears to have kinda disappeared, code is still there, but
> website is gone and documentation basically just links to it, so
> deploying is not entirely trivial.

yep. I think is still used by FOSDEM tho

> There's also osem.io, which uses Stripe for payment exclusively.

ACK. saw it once, dropped it because of limited integration and only
hosted possibility, which at this point puts too much effort on us. We
have quite simple requirements actually and programming a small simple
CMS for limited functionalities may take less time compared to hosting
a big thing with annexed risks. Also I prefer to pay a reasonable fee
to service providers eventually. This because we don't have a lot of
capacity and volunteering should be focused on Devuan itself.

> From what I see, eventzilla would charge either 2%+0.99€ or 1.5€ per
> ticket. For comparison, Stripe charges 2.9% + 0.25€ for non EU
> cards and 1.4%+0.25€ for EU cards. It looks like both economically
> and effort-wise, even if not privacy-wise, eventzilla makes sense if
> we assume a non-trivial amount of non-EU visitors.

it passed some review by our colleagues who used it for the DECODE
conference and does not require any registration for buying a ticket.

also a requirement for us is to have paypal and IBAN as main payment
methods, which match already means for donation: this because it makes
our work for financial due diligence easier since it suits the current
flow, but also because we have bad experience with Stripe as processor
(half of CC transactions don't go well and people rebates and create
work on our side)

> I could probably quickly deploy osem, given that:
> * Dyne has a Stripe account / gets one and gives me API keys

yes we have but is left unused, see above

> * We agree to delete all data 3 months after the event, keeping only
> general statistics.

sure this is a good idea in general

> * Someone sets up proper A/AAAA entries on a devuan-related domain (or I
> could just get and donate a new domain for that).

I'm trying to reach nextime because the DNS server we used to change
zones is down ATM however I assume this is possible.

> But only if it were to actually make sense :-).

overall I think not, you have not much time and the precious you have
available is best dedicated to Devuan tasks. I hope you come to give a
talk BTW! :^D