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Author: Jaromil
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: Re: [devuan-dev] devuan's 1st conference
On Mon, 26 Nov 2018, golinux@??? wrote:

> On 2018-11-26 13:04, KatolaZ wrote:

> > OK, but what kind of amount we are talking about?

> Around 60 euros (or a little more) was mentioned at this morning's
> meet.

yes, this is based on the calculation that the whole conference
costs are up to 5000eur for a maximum of 70 people attending and
paying - and still we'd lose 10 eur per people aka 700 eur.

considering that the costs include: venue rental and cleanup, catering
food and drinks, filming streaming and editing partially covered by
volunteers, travel and stay for some developers from the USA at
convenient economy prices, renting some equipment.

this is a very optimistic projection and in my experience the whole
conference costs will be in the range of 10000 eur meaning we'd lose
half from current donations, which is too big of a slash from Devuan's
budget ATM and IMHO.

another important parameter to take into consideration is that we are
picking a small venue, considering the attendance will be below 70
people - and even then we will barely have the capacity to seat
everyone without rending chairs.

if the attendance is bigger (which I think not) then the jump in costs
is drastical, because renting a bigger venue will be MUCH more
expensive and other costs would inflate too. So to scale up beyond 70
people of paid attendance is a big bet and we should do it only to
pass a certain treshold.

not knowing about that now, the best is to gather interest and ask for
sponsors, then indeed establish a deadline to close the plan and do
with what we have.

> Absolutely ask for sponsors.

any good idea on the wording that should be used in the announcement?

> Putting Dec. donations towards the event is an excellent fail-safe
> suggestion.

yes I agree it is. summing up with the approach Ivan suggested today
I'd say we are set with some good solutions to move forward, I do feel
more confident now about this.

I think we should close the planning on 7 December (first week) and
then do the final plan (participant limits, costs) and re-announce
with details.