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Author: Olaf Meeuwissen
To: Jaromil
CC: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] rc.local removed from Debian 9, rly?
Hi Jaromil, list,

Jaromil writes:

> dear John and Olaf,
> Thanks for proving me wrong, this is exactly what I hoped for.
> In fact my mail was perhaps badly worded and contained already a rant,
> but was really about asking this list for a critical analysis. For 2
> main reasons: 1) there are very knowledgeable people (like you both)
> that often are capable of checking better than me 2) I am a lazy wolf
> and prefer writing a mail than checking myself.

Reading back the mail that started all of this, yes, that one was not
that "alarmist". The follow-up got a bit more so. Those things happen
as thread tend to drift. I'll try to make a habit of re-reading the
initial post before "venting" a reply.

> I also note as you point out that this behavior may be
> counterproductive for the public perception of this project: a way or
> another I also represent Devuan and maybe I should hold off this
> attitude and post only things that I am sure of. This is difficult for
> me, since I conceive spaces for debate as this and other mailinglists
> as spaces where to share doubts, fears, needs and dreams even more
> than findings and announcements, for which an article or a twit
> @DevuanOrg may be better.
> anyway, point taken. I know well that I'm wrong sometimes, just like
> now. So now I agree that considering this and the other discussion
> about redis, there is no real "vandalism" happening in Debian. About
> redis was just a maintainer fumbling around broken scripts through
> releases, while the rc.local case its just that people don't care
> about the regressions introduced by systemd.

Glad you realize this and glad you say so on the list. We should all
practice a bit of restraint, do some minimal research and include
references before making "wild claims".

As a Debian Care Taker, you should perhaps take care even more ;-)

> [...]

Thanks and keep up the good work,
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