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Author: Samuel Carlisle
To: squatconf
Subject: Re: [Squatconf] Greetings from Prosfygika, Athens, Greece.

See you at/before FOSDEM.

Solidarity + <3 from Berlin

On 11/01/17 01:46, gorhgorh wrote:
> Hey hey Petros nice to see you here.
> As you may have seen no too much communication happen over here, you may join #squatconf chanel on irc for more activty.
> We already started talking about making an even in greece and lots of ppl are interested.
> Mid - end may seems to be the sweet spot (some other conference are happening around these dates)
> Talking about infrasctucture, please tell us what kind of help and gear that you need the most, to see whant we can help with.
> Lots of us will be around Brussels for the fosdem (begin of feb) this will probably be a moment where ideas and plans will emerge (did you planned to be around too, by any chance?)
> welcome here and see you soon.
> Jérôme
>> On 9 Jan 2017, at 10:17, Petros at Freelab <freelab@???> wrote:
>> Hello everybody,
>> Jerome and Noemi invited me to join this group, thank you guys.
>> I am working as a coordinator and troublemaker in a very special place
>> in Athens (Greece), called Prosfygika. It is the whole (small)
>> neighborhood (8 blocks, ~280 flats) mostly squatted by a very mixed,
>> international community.
>> I am (re)building infrastructure here, starting of course from
>> neighborhood network. The goal is to create sustainable cooperative,
>> running all utilities in the neighborhood. As usual in Greece, second
>> essential need is coffee, so we plan to start our own coffee take-away
>> point soon.
>> I am going to open another thread, specifically about making Prosfygika
>> a location for next Squat-conf edition in May. There, I will publish
>> some links and more description.
>> Personally, I am an ex-stock broker, ex-ecommerce startuper, ex-courier
>> driver, converted to anarchism of constructive kind. By pure accident I
>> was among co-founders of Warsaw Hackerspace and among first advocates of
>> BTC there (no, I did not buy or mine a single one :D). Currently my
>> lifetime project is to build technological and political framework for
>> heterogeneous confederated society that starts to emerge among the ruins
>> we inhabit.
>> My content can be found at:
>> https://freelab.libtech.website
>> https://daedalus.libtech.website
>> https://www.facebook.com/HarperPol
>> That's for starter. AMA if you like.
>> Best,
>> P.
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