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Author: Petros at Freelab
To: squatconf
Subject: Re: [Squatconf] Greetings from Prosfygika, Athens, Greece.
I am severely constraint by the lack of money, so Brussels is not on my
list. But I believe that we are able to communicate online with equal

I am pretty determined to bring you here, guys, as I believe Prosfygika
is a community one of its kind. Being a village-like place, it is
diversified enough to break the spell of politicization and stoneheaded
militancy, normally associated with anarchist communities in Greece. On
the other hand, we live in an actual “Village gaulois", surrounded
directly by unfriendly campsites (we are exactly between police HQ and
Supreme Court of Justice. :-)

And what I try to do here (apart from saving crubling infrastructure) is
to create local economy and perhaps "anarchist industry", giving us a
bit of sustainability and resilience. A lot of hacking will be in order,
and not just computer one.

If we start planning early, we will be able to prepare both meeting
space and probably living quarters at least for a part of participants.
I am pretty sure we can also find more places in other squats -- details
to be determined.

I am now in the process of setting two specific projects, intended to
become cornerstones of sustainable infrastructure cooperative.

One is very simple: a local take-away coffee shop. Significant amount of
money (no less than 30-50 Euro per day) goes away from the neighborhood
just to buy coffee. So I decided to stop this outflow. as a bonus, we
should get a social (non-politicized!) hub, gradually evolving towards a
meeting space. Also, it would hopefully make people see that there is a
space for neighborhood-scale ventures here.
The "Coffee Syndicate" will be run as an informal coop, with people
contributing work for free, donated equipment and the surplus of money
used 50/50 for general purposes and for infrastructure fund. During the
weekend I will have initial draft specification ready and published on
the email list (see below), in case anyone wants to put their shoulder
to the wheel.

Much more hackish is the second one, "Prosfygika.NAN" (Neighborhood Area
Network). Out of necessity, we are creating a "village internet",
starting from refurbishment of crumbling access infrastructure, evolving
towards a mesh network with own essential services, able to operate and
provide internal connectivity even in case of massive uplink failure.
Own BTS is also on the wishlist.
I do not know if this list accepts PDFs, but I attached the latest RFC I
distributed among interested people.

As for the equipment, we surely need a lot of cable. Active equipment
specification will come out of services wishlist (also to be published
soon). Your contribution and advice will help us establish best
architecture and configuration. We will probably also need quite a lot
of rather specific software. So, come and hack us!

If you are interested in any of those two (and some other future)
projects, please subscribe at
https://lists.riseup.net/www/subscribe/syn.ipo.pro and see the archive
(not much there so far).

All questions I will be happy to answer either privately, or via the list.


On 01/11/2017 02:46 AM, gorhgorh wrote:
> Hey hey Petros nice to see you here.
> As you may have seen no too much communication happen over here, you may join #squatconf chanel on irc for more activty.
> We already started talking about making an even in greece and lots of ppl are interested.
> Mid - end may seems to be the sweet spot (some other conference are happening around these dates)
> Talking about infrasctucture, please tell us what kind of help and gear that you need the most, to see whant we can help with.
> Lots of us will be around Brussels for the fosdem (begin of feb) this will probably be a moment where ideas and plans will emerge (did you planned to be around too, by any chance?)
> welcome here and see you soon.
> Jérôme
>> On 9 Jan 2017, at 10:17, Petros at Freelab <freelab@???> wrote:
>> Hello everybody,
>> Jerome and Noemi invited me to join this group, thank you guys.
>> I am working as a coordinator and troublemaker in a very special place
>> in Athens (Greece), called Prosfygika. It is the whole (small)
>> neighborhood (8 blocks, ~280 flats) mostly squatted by a very mixed,
>> international community.
>> I am (re)building infrastructure here, starting of course from
>> neighborhood network. The goal is to create sustainable cooperative,
>> running all utilities in the neighborhood. As usual in Greece, second
>> essential need is coffee, so we plan to start our own coffee take-away
>> point soon.
>> I am going to open another thread, specifically about making Prosfygika
>> a location for next Squat-conf edition in May. There, I will publish
>> some links and more description.
>> Personally, I am an ex-stock broker, ex-ecommerce startuper, ex-courier
>> driver, converted to anarchism of constructive kind. By pure accident I
>> was among co-founders of Warsaw Hackerspace and among first advocates of
>> BTC there (no, I did not buy or mine a single one :D). Currently my
>> lifetime project is to build technological and political framework for
>> heterogeneous confederated society that starts to emerge among the ruins
>> we inhabit.
>> My content can be found at:
>> https://freelab.libtech.website
>> https://daedalus.libtech.website
>> https://www.facebook.com/HarperPol
>> That's for starter. AMA if you like.
>> Best,
>> P.
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