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Author: Rob Owens
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Blackbox: was: For all you automounter programmers
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> From: "Steve Litt" <slitt@???>

> Does Blackbox allow you to designate a tiny strip of the screen to be
> desktop-only so you can click on it? Also, does Blackbox enable you to
> hotkey not only blackbox functions, but also random programs on your
> hard disk? Third, does Blackbox offer some sort of list of all windows,
> sorted by the workspace they're in, and the ability to click one program
> to get to that workspace and have focus on that program?
> The preceding paragraph ennumerates the three reasons I use Openbox,
> and if Blackbox or Fluxbox also has those three assets, I'll explore
> them.

I can answer for Fluxbox:

1) I accomplish this by putting the following line in ~/.fluxbox/init:
session.screen0.toolbar.widthPercent: 99
That makes the toolbar take up almost the whole width of the screen, but
it leaves a little space at each end so you can click on the desktop.

1a) But I hotkey the menu anyway, so I rarely use those corners of the
desktop. ~/.fluxbox/keys:
Control Mod1 slash :RootMenu

2) You can hotkey random programs in the ~/.fluxbox/keys file like this:
Control Mod1 x :Exec /usr/bin/xterm

3) Not sure about this one. You can set the toolbar to show all windows
on all desktops. In that case I believe clicking one will bring you to
that desktop. But I prefer to have the toolbar show only the windows on
the current desktop.